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Eco Divers teams up with Oxygène Diving

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Oxygène Diving

From October 2008, Eco Divers is teaming up with Oxygène Diving. With its roots in Scandinavia, Oxygène is an international network of dive retail stores, dive resorts and liveaboards in Sweden, Finland, England, Malta, Egypt, Philippines, Pemba, Croatia, Estonia, Canada and Tenerife. The Oxygène Diving core values are: Caring, Competent, and Fun.

Oxygène was looking to expand its dive centre chain to North Sulawesi, in order to offers its client-base more destination choice and saw Eco Divers as the most suited dive centre for their high standards, so the marketing cooperation was formed.

"We are delighted to be working with Eco Divers," says Henrik Almers, CEO of Oxygène International. Eco Divers' Managing Director, Jim Yanny, added, "We have always aimed high to provide excellent service levels and products. We immediately recognized a high level of affinity with the core values of the Oxygène group and believe that this cooperation will bring benefits to our business and, more importantly, to our customers."

For more information contact:

Oxygène International AB
Henrik Almers, +46 709 15 39 00, Stationsvägen 4, S-430 63 Hindås, Sweden

Eco Divers (Oxygène Indonesia)
Jim Yanny, +62 431 826833, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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