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Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 132
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Friday, 20. May 2011 05:45
Thanks for a great 6 days of diving with the Papa coxy1&2 crews.
Never known a dive holidays go so fast.
What a great time we've had with you guys!


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Julia & Craig
Location: Eco Divers Lembeh
Entry No 131
IP logged
Thursday, 12. May 2011 12:25
Thank you ever so much for the five fantastic days of diving. Every dive has been outstanding! Thanks to all the friendly and helpful staff - the service is second to none.
All the best,

Had an absolutely amazing time with you in Lembeh, with nearly all the must-see critters now crossed off my list! Thank you very much to the superb spotters - I still haven't worked out quite how they see all the wee beasties - mental!

Location: Eco Divers Lembeh
Entry No 130
IP logged
Thursday, 12. May 2011 12:19

Thanks for a great time to all the team! I'll be back soon!!


Jazz & Wong
Location: Lembeh Cottages
Entry No 129
IP logged
Thursday, 12. May 2011 06:44
Thank you for all the excellent service. We really had a wonderful time here.

The staff are friendly. The hospitality really is beyond my expectation. Keep up the good smile.


Jazz & Wong

Location: Lembeh Cottages
Entry No 128
IP logged
Thursday, 12. May 2011 06:41
Excellent service, good food and nice stay.
Attentive and pro dive team too! Terima Kasih :)

KL & Singapore

Paul Gillingham
Location: Singapore
Entry No 127
IP logged
Sunday, 24. April 2011 19:08 Send E-mail
Back again for my second trip this year already, Lembeh Cottages is fast becoming my 2nd home from home.

The accommodation great, the staff great, the boat crew/guides great, the managers great oh and the diving!! Of course is great!

The accommodation at the cottages is clean, comfortable and has everything you need including free wifi. The outdoor lounge and bar area is still a good additional to the complete package of staying here. A nice area to sit, chat and sip a Gin & tonic with fellow divers

The food at the cottages and on the boat was tasty and plentiful enough for a hungry diver after a full days diving. The Breakfast Sandwich, Thai Ginger soup and Nasi Goreng have become my favorite dishes when staying here.

The staff as ever were friendly, extremely helpful and remembered me from my last visit which was nice, Although this time I was staying here by myself they all also remembered my wife’s name and asked how she was!! how nice is that :-)

The improvements to the two launch boat of bigger jump gates works really well and the revised sun deck area on Nautica (the mother ship) another good improvement and great for chilling out inbetween dives and catching some sun.

The Eco Divers Team make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive until you leave. Can't wait to go back again later this year.

Keep up the great work guys!
Eco Divers, Lambeh Cottages is the only way to dive Lembeh straits!

Oh, I am jealous of the dniivg you got to do! Though I can't be too jealous. For was at the top of many of my friends' list, and I get to go there next month. After we got their recommendations, my friends and I started saving up and booked our trip. After we get back maybe we'll start saving to go muck dniivg in Indonesia next year.
JP Trenque
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 126
IP logged
Saturday, 9. April 2011 12:44
Thank you for such an enjoyable week diving in the Bunaken National park.
It was a very productive week and I am bringing home quite a collection of new images.
A special thank you to Hanny whose ability to spot interesting critters.

JP Trenque
British Society of underwater photographers

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Jim Litchfield
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 125
IP logged
Saturday, 9. April 2011 12:36

Diving was great.Staff were great.
They were wonderful with our 12 y.o daughter.
Always smiling & helpful & very knowledgeable about the area.
Very good,we'll be back
Jim Litchfield

Had great diving experience with great staff.
really relaxed,fun diving.
Hope to be back soon.

Aitor & Snow
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 124
IP logged
Tuesday, 5. April 2011 22:59
Terima kasih to all Kima´s staff for give us a nice holiday.

Specially to "papa " Hanny because he knows I don´t like chocolate.

Muchas gracias por todo y no cambieis !!

"Mama" The Boss

Turkish Group
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 123
IP logged
Monday, 4. April 2011 08:45
Ali Suer Knduracioglu&Nese

We had a good holiday and diving.
Everything was perfect.
Diving in the rain was also interesting.
Persons on the boat was always smiling and they were always helpful. Thanks a lot.

Kamuran tuncel & Akif Salim Tuncel

We spend 10 days with you.
Everything is beautiful.
Thank you for your hospitality!
See you soon!

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