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Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 113
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Friday, 18. March 2011 11:20

Before we came here we didn't expect we'll have a lot of impress with everything here just expect what we suppose to get,
but after spent 8 days here with Eco Divers we really really enjoy and got everything more than we expect.

The staff team and crew everyone always friendly and very helpfully.

The boat is great and wonderful new experience here and we would love to come back for more for sure.

Thank you very much for everything, thanks Cary,Vitro,Donni,Nikton and everyone.

Definitely Love


Allan & Barbara Jones
Location: Lembeh Cottages
Entry No 112
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Thursday, 3. March 2011 08:02
This was our eighth trip to Lembeh for diving and is the best one yet. The concept of a land based accommodation is the best way to spend the night. Clean, well maintained rooms with outstanding food. Quick and friendly service and outstanding food presentation. The diving was, as always, exceptional. However this time staying on "Nautica" during the day makes life much easier for 3 & 4 dives per day. The best part of the whole trip was seeing all of our old Lembeh Straits friends, hotel staff and dive guides!!

Allan & Barbara Jones

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Toni Salaverri
Location: Mondoñedo-Spain
Entry No 111
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Sunday, 27. February 2011 23:11 Send E-mail

In December 2010, we were diving with you in Bunaken and Lembeh. Thanks to you we enjoyed some very good dives. I send you a link to my website where you can cap the photos I do, I hope you like them.

Thanks for making us spend a few days so good.

A greeting.

Antonio Salaverri and Isabel Gonzalez

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Hazel & Henry
Location: Lembeh Cottages
Entry No 110
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Sunday, 27. February 2011 06:10
Absolute service. Amazing food service. Thank you Louise and Gary for the heart-warming stay. Thank you to all Lembeh Cottage staff to make feels at home. Thank you to the diving crews.

Hazel & Henry

Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 109
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Friday, 25. February 2011 04:39
We came to Eco Divers for a two week trip following our meeting with Jim Yanny at Dive2010 show in Birmingham, U.K.
We have to say both the resort and dive center exceeded by far our expectations.
All of the staff at Eco Divers made our stay and diving effortless and very enjoyable.
We certainly had a lots fun especially with the dive crew on the boat.

Peter even managed to achieve the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating for which he was congratulated by everyone!
He even got a nice calendars singed by all staff with amazing dive photos.

Service for all aspects of our stay were top class as was indeed safety.

We want to say a huge thank you to Miho,Luca,Nikton,Hanny, Dolfie,Derek,Chris( for his great tips on photography) and everyone else at Eco Divers for making our stay a truly memorable experience.

We can't wait to see you again!

Best Wishes,


Adam Halawi
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 108
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Wednesday, 23. February 2011 14:21
Came to Eco Divers on the two center deal, to complete my Advance Open Water. At the dive center, I decided to also add the Nitrox Course.
Luca,Miho and the team were amazing and I really learned a lot,especially on the practical side of diving and I feel A LOT more confident on my buoyancy.

The skills I've leant here at Eco Divers will certainly help me in the future and I hope to come back soon!
Thanks to everyone.


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Allan&Barb Jones
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 107
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Sunday, 20. February 2011 12:34
Our 3rd trip to dive with Eco Divers.
As with previous years, we had a wonderful time.
The entire diving operation runs very smoothly and efficiently.
In particular, the boat crew and dive guides go the extra step to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe dive.
Our thanks and appreciation to Luca&Miho for their excellent management.

Allan&Barb Jones, CA

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Location: Lembeh Cottages
Entry No 106
IP logged
Sunday, 13. February 2011 13:01
Awesome experience, excellent diving & great staff. Will come again, that's no doubt. Fully recommended!! Thanks so much everybody.....


Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 105
IP logged
Saturday, 12. February 2011 10:59
Dear Eco Divers Team,
thank you very much for the fantastic trips on the boat. The dive spot is beautiful and we are especially great to Hanny and Dolfie showing us all the macro life of Bunaken Island.
Eco Diver's organization is one of the best we experienced, very well organized and professional combine with a nice team.
Hope to seeing you again.

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hollister att ibland skräddarsydda
hollister Medan Hollister skolförvaltningen var ståndaktiga och höll sin mark, vi var i e Hollister n svår situation eftersom vi möttes av fientlighet, men föräldrar och lärare som stödde vår nya policy dök inte upp under diskussi hollister onerna och offentligt stödja politiken. Detta lämnade

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Vi har opfattet den

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«Le Hall Of Game de 3rd Annual Cartoon Network AwardsShowSANTA MONICA, C canada goose prix AFEBRUARY 09: Connor Long (L) et l'actrice Jessica Alba parler pendant le 3ème annuel Cartoon Network 'Hall Of Fame' prix au Barker Hangar, l' Abercrombie Barcelona aéroport de Santa Monica, le 9 Février, 2013

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hollister overlegd me prix longchamp t uw leraar v ugg boots andaag
Er waren nooit massavernietigingswapens in Irak, Bush gewoon gelogen om personen te tonen om hollister make-up een excuus waarom de oorlog begon. Er was een speculatie onder de mensen dat Bush misschien een oorlogszuchtige persoon havebeen omdat hij wilde de olie. B

hollister me mantiene de ella porque yo no q hollister uería preocupar a su
Cardigans para el otoño Cheap Ralph Lauren y abrigos de guisantes para el invierno. Franelas también durante todo el año muy bien. Para los zapatos, Converse, Vans hola tops, Doc Martens, o zapatos clásicos en barc Abercrombie o. Si me hizo llegar otro caso como e

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idrot Hollister tsliga hollister märke av kl nike free rea äder och andra föremål
I början du förbluffad, säger Denizet-Lewis , men många återförsäljare tror att de bara inte sä Hollister ga det högt. Han mycket snabbt blir defensiv om du försöker att tala om några av de många offentliga kontroverser som ha påverkat Abercrombie. Jag

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Minimering Eye poser med Eye Cremer Ralph Lauren Polo
Begrænsning Eye poser med Eye Cremer
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Kongressen kan styre fem store bilproducenter mod airbag
Kongressen kan sty uggs re fem store bilproducenter i Adidas Scarpe Outlet retning af airbag
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hollister sento molto meglio anche
Bell Labs immagina un giorno in hollister cui i senso hollister france ri in un irrigatore tipico potrebbe richiamare il National Weather Service, verificare il giorno previsioni 抯 e si accenda o si spegne a seconda se si prevede pioggia. Ovunq Babyliss Flat Iron ue governo La tecnologia necessaria per fare q

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hollister 搇 et 抯 naam deze een voor een zondaar
hollister Blijf niet i Abercrombie and Fitch n de zon te lang of je manier om verbrand te zetten op uw HCO zijn. kleding. Wees voorzichtig niet te veel tijd doorbrengen in de zon, of Hollister kan dit potentieel fatale problemen later in het leven veroorzaken. er zijn zo veel merk met de pro

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Rul til Single Post
Udvikling af tilpassed Nike Free e s Burberry Outlet kabeloner til de indeks, enkelt post og kategori sider er en leg, men at gennemføre det på en sådan måde, at når brugeren klikker på et indlæg og web woolrich outlet stedet scroller nedad for at vise enkelt post brugerdefinerede skabelon ikke er.
Dette er en referen

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Wie lange dauert es, um in neue Laufschuhe für ein Rennen zu brechen
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Ich habe ein paar neue Schuhe, Nike Free 3.0. Sie sollen zu simulieren Barfußlau mbt outlet fen. Ich bekam sie, weil sie sehr bequem und leicht sind, und meine alten Schuhe gaben mir Blasen und schwarze Zehennägel.
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Mulberry Satchel B Ralph Lauren Match Polo ags site, hvor du kan købe Tudor Beklæ UGG outlet dning
Mulberry Satchel Bags forhandler Hvor kan man købe Tudor Beklædning
Din endelige Buying Guide til Tudor Beklædning, Mulberry på discount salg
Så du bør pynte den Tudor måde? Tudor mode er et godt va Abercrombie Barcelona lg for mænd og kvinder, der øns

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hvert å uggs r i december og 2010 vil se den 3. årlige drift af Burberry Outlet denne begivenhed
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Heben Element Abercrombie Kids für parajumpers jacka die Lance Armstro Abercrombie Kids ng Foundation
Beachten Sie auch die Sky Run-Modell. parajumpers jacka (Die Speed ​​Run 1-Modell, zum Beispiel, in der Tat geben Ihnen Blasen, es ist nur für das Schleppen ass über kurze Distanzen - ihre Socken sind sehr spezifisch und alle sehr Nike Free Schuhe

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Så för att undvika att fiender i High School
Låt inte din bild kontrollera d Babyliss Perfect Curl in personlighet. Ingen Ba Hollister byliss Perfect Curl vill skjutas in i en stereotyp, så själv oavsett hur du klär dig. American Eagle / Hollister / Aeropostale barn är inte alltid fastnat ugg outlet ugg outlet upp och Hot Topic nike free re

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hollister rätt bältet kan göra dina kretsar stil run runt som dina kamrater
Hon säger att hon hatar de Lebron James Scarpe n populära folkmassan eftersom de Lebron James Scarpe är alla samma, men någonstans ner linjen av sitt liv ville hon vara populär också, men hon avvisades från deras publik. Nu är allt hon vill burberry coat v

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Comisión en Beantown reclutamiento Hollister Fasten
prix longchamp
Los consultores, directores y personal so Hollister stienen que lograr la Filantropía de la Comisión Beantown prix longchamp reclutamiento Fijar Hollister, Inc., patrocinó una tierra roja cubierta asesinato Span e Hollister l 75 Denotemos Street, en el temperamento d

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hollister así como zapatos cómodos
naturaleza competitiva me ha hollister hecho quien soy hoy. Amy terminó su carrera como el sexto máximo anotador UGG outlet líder en la historia de la tecnología UGG outlet con 1.444 puntos. El 2000 Atlantic 10 jugador defensivo del año también ocupa el segundo lugar en robos (235) sac longchamp solde

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Der Punkt ist, dass die mehr sac longchamp 2013 Qu Nike Free alität Links auf Ihrer Backlink Profil sind die höheren Ihre Website Reihen
Das ist 1998. Es erhöhte das Niveau der Olympischen Winterspiele Hockey. Frauen k canada goose pas cher onnten in der Hockey-Spiel in der Olympischen Winterspiele im Jahr 1998 teilnehmen. Going ist unter den fast

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at grunden til et godt UGGS seo værktøj til link forskning og analyse er Wellensteyn Damen et must
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brand segrande på Milano mode och stil
1 veckor En av Hollister romanen Hollister an scarpe hogan originali ge mot designern över Milano. Bild: Stefania D'Alessandro / Getty Styles Utan tvekan strävan vid själar tillsammans med hjärtan och sinnen
eventuellt på Mi Hollister lan veckor kläder mode rrncludes en övertygad segrare för tillfäl

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hollister cela était particulièrement vrai s'ils étaient ralph lauren sverige dans la salle ralph lauren sverige de sé nike free jour avec une séance d'étude biblique
Pour la plupart des 60 rodéo de années, le chiffre huit concours moulinette, qui se déroule au milieu Hollister de la circonscription habituelle de selle cheval sauvage et

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Comment vous préparer doudoune canada goose pour entrer dans l'école intermédiaire et savoir à quoi s'attendr ghd rettetang e
Soyez prêt pour les devoirs et les études. Vous aurez devoirs de façon plus alors que vous avez fait à l'école primaire. Juste faire attention e canada goose t de la classe et être un animal enseignants. Il va y avoir des

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Människor är aktiva enligt deras rumpa av accepte canada goose france rade lärare och liv
Det är genom sensorerna och d Hollister eras gjutna belopp och rösterna accepterar tillbehör att utföra länkar och lämpligt sätt gjutna medvetenhet, skarpsinne och förståelse, och på lämpligt sätt påv UGG Schweiz Kaufen erka huruvida kroppen relationer med va

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hollister und übermäßig feiern, nur weil Well hollister ensteyn Schneezauber Menschen um sie heru Wellensteyn Schneezauber m
Der Teint des Kindes spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Wahl der Farbe des Kleides. Wenn das Kind Messe werden Farben wie rot, rosa, violett und anderen hellen Farben mit seinem / nike skor billigt ihrem Teint passen, aber wenn

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Solway Harvester synker evige natur
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Pad Thai opskrifter
Pad Thai recipke
Placer sac longchamp 2013 tamarind pasta i det kogend Ralph Lauren Match Polo e vand og sæt til side, mens forbereder de andre faktorer.
Kombiner fisken marinade, Palm kulhydrat, og risvin eddike i en normal burberry coat størrelse skål og sæt til side.
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day moving average near
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hollister ora i miei cugini e pensa hollister to che questo era gra Babyliss Perfect Curl nde
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Ab Hollister Me Hollister Sverige ns Long Sleeve Geschäft
So was tatsächlich können wir tun, Hollister wie bittie Beruf unterlassen uns Kosten zu senken und zu ertragen? Steh auf, für Vorspeisen wir, was wir auf Dinge ausgeben ähnliche Marketing untersuch Hollister en sollte. Galore kleinsten Unternehmen sind durch den mittleren, dass

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Yde moncler outlet italia lse sportssko er faktisk næsten helt sikkert kommer til at l canada goose paris ide en skade
Ydelse sportssko er faktisk næsten helt sikkert kommer til at lide en skad Barbour jacken e
Den fandt sted på grund af funktionerne i forkerte lejer. Det kan bruge her faktum som bevis, Brusk blødgøring ofte herefter gå væk efter løbe

hollister chic colberts e hollister n casual linnen
B Hollister oston, MA - Hollister is geëerd met een 2008 Stevie ® Award for Women in Business. De Boston wervingsbureau werd e UGG Italia rkend voor de Community Involvement Program of the Year voor de ondersteuning van iedereen wint! Metro Boston, een geletterdheid en mentoring

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本游戲信息轉自多玩TVGDB,原始地址:http://tvgdb.duowan.c 中翻英 om/ps3/17904/3.html
徵信社推薦 3/7563c9664385ea6ac5ae76c

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Xinhua News Ag paper drinking straws ency this morning confirmed electric Nepal Airlines on the 16th, in the colord straws afternoon there is no Chinese passengers on crashed plane Neenan Department.
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plane crashed on "Twin Otter" aircraft carrier 1 drinking straws 8 people, including three crew members, passengers ha

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Location: Eco Divers Manado
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Saturday, 29. January 2011 06:07
Thank you so much for the fantastic time and professionalism with high standard diving.
we had a great time enjoying the Bunaken park underwater wildlife.

Best regards,

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