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Douglas & Emily Seifert
Location: Eco Divers Lembeh
Entry No 149
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Monday, 1. November 2010 08:17
Eco Divers = Dream Team!!

Thank you Iwan for the BEST two weeks of diving in Lembeh ever!! Cary, Jim, Gary, Louise, Christian, Iwan, Detmon, Ednan, Sevni, Aso, Agus, Yulius and the rest of the Eco Divers team set the standard for Lembeh: Professionalism, warmth, best guides, most devoted to the spirit of Larry Smith and carrying on the love of the sea and all its denizens. Thank you for showing us the world!

Best Fishes,
Emily & Douglas Seifert,
World Editor,
Water Column,
October 2010