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Inna Shepotina Richard Watkins
Location: Eco Divers Manado
Entry No 145
IP logged
Saturday, 16. October 2010 05:56
We dived with Eco Divers for four days and diving experience is one of the best we had in our diving carrier.
Dives are organized very well.It works like a clock!
All dive masters we had were incredible and we always felt safe.
Special thanks to Hanny and Dolfie for their keen eye,we were able to photo so many sea hoses,and three Pigmies!
Thank you Adi as well, frogfish was a great encounter.
Best of luck to your trainees,Jenita,Fahmi,and Arni, we'll always have memories of them and hope they have great diving carriers ahead of them.
Thank you
Inna & Richard