Lembeh Strait: unique, strange, captivating

View over Lembeh Strait

World famous for its macro life, this is most probably simply the best place in the world for macro photography! Lembeh plays host to a cornucopia of weird and wonderful creatures to be found here and here alone. We moor over shallow black sandy slopes where seahorses and nudibranchs are in abundance. Then there are the Inimicus devilfish, dwarf lionfish, scorpionfish, pufferfish, octopus, pegasus sea moths, frogfish, ribbon eels and flying gunnards.

Hairy Frogfish, by William Tan
Lizard Fish, by Cary Yanny
Blue-ring Octopus, by William Tan

Truly a one-off opportunity for all photographers and anyone looking for the unusual and unseen. You are sure to see something that you have never seen before, no matter how experienced you are. Our dive guides and instructors will take you on a guided tour around Lembeh's wonderland and thrill you with its magic. The Lembeh Strait also contains WWII shipwrecks at "diveable depth", waiting patiently for the adventurer to explore.

Lembeh Strait - Dive Sites

Dive Sites Lembeh Strait
1  Bimoli
2  Goby-A-Crab
3  Kapal Indah
4  Pulau Abadi
5  Mawali
6  Critter Hunt
7  Police Pier
8  Sarena West
9  Nudi Falls
11 Aer Perang
12 Pantai Parigi
13 Jahir
14 Makawide
15 Tanjung Tebal
16 Nudi Retreat
17 Magic Rock
18 Batu Sandar
19 Retak Larry
20 Teluk Kembahu 1
21 Teluk Kembahu 2
22 Angel's Window
23 Hairball Two
24 Hairball One
25 Aw Shucks
26 Batu Merah
27 Pulau Putus
28 Batu Angus
29 California Dreaming
30 Jiko Yance

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